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Senior  Gallery & Executive Director
**Submit Resume with Cover Letter.  Summarize  your experience and qualifications. Tell us what you bring to the table and how you will  help us to achieve success in the dual role as the Sr. Gallery & Executive Director.
** Please follow directions for submitting your resume and cover letter. Resumes that don't have an accompanying  cover letter will be rejected.
We are looking for a professional that can help us get to the next level! If you have experience as a Gallery Director and as a Executive Director. We want to hear from you. Funding is another critical component of the building blocks of our growth and continuing our valuable work. Are you a results driven Executive Director? We need someone creative and who believes failure is not an option.  The position is a volunteer/commission position that can evolve into a salaried / career position at the ranch.  We are located in Show Low, Arizona. There are two positions open. (1)  Gallery & Executive Senior Director. * It is a requirement that you are able to live at the ranch. Position (2) Assistant Gallery &  Executive Director. Prefer you live in Arizona and are able to attend meetings with the Sr. Dir. and Founder. Ultimately we will hire the most qualified and capable person to help us achieve our goals. Please take the time to review our website and learn more about us. We look forward to receiving your information and speaking with you.

As the  Sr. Art Gallery &  Executive Director, you'll be responsible for the commercial and artistic success of the gallery and fundraising. You'll have responsibility for the sales and marketing of all areas of running the art gallery/ranch,  and will communicate directly with artists, dealers, vendors, program participants and the public. You'll be involved in selecting art and artists to enhance the gallery's reputation and to bring in revenue from the sales of their artwork. To include any other products or services 

You will work closely with  the  founder and the assistant gallery/executive director.  You will still have responsibility for the commercial and artistic success of the gallery, working as a team. 


  • Grant Writing &  Fundraising
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Event Planning
  • Ensure the smooth running of the gallery
  • Develop and maintain the gallery's remit
  • Maintain ongoing promotion and advertising of the gallery
  • Assess and select artwork
  • Oversee the type of artwork sold
  • Plan, organize, present and market exhibitions and shows, including Responsibility for public relations, network marketing, social media, community out reach.
  • Work closely with individual artists, develop relationships with new Artists, and extend relationships with established artists from the gallery 'stable'
  • Promote exhibitions and work by individual artists
  • Curate shows in cooperation with artists and technicians
  • Arrange transportation of work to and from the gallery, both nationally and internationally
  • Organize equipment hire and ensure correct installation of the artwork
  • Negotiate with gallery managers and curators from other galleries to arrange for loans.
  • Develop client lists by notifying potential clients of particular works and exhibitions, according to their interests
  • Extend the client database
  • Liaise with visiting artists and negotiate sales
  • Catalogue acquisitions and keep records and archives
  • Develop and update the gallery website
  • Promote and sell artists' work, through both exhibitions and personal contacts.
  • Keep up to date with industry developments and market trends
  • General administration, budgeting, finance and accounts.
  • Duties and responsibilities  are not limited to those listed . 

*Must fill out a 1099 tax form

Sr. Gallery/Executive Director & Assistant Director (s)can write their own paycheck and live rent free at the ranch.  As a seasoned professional you will determine your income by your ability to turn success into revenue.   Starting out compensation will be paid as commission and may develop into a Salary + Commission with year end bonus  (bonus depends upon sales)  which can increase your earnings.

Sr. Director, will be required to live on property. You must have a Tiny House/ RV/Trailer in good condition and furnish your own power, water, propane, personal needs.  Cost of living stipend will be given to top  producer (s) who can take us to the next level and whose successful directorship and grant writing skills equal,  grant awards and funding. 
Become A  Volunteer 
Welcome Donors & Volunteers/Interns/Docents! 

We are excited to welcome you, our donors & volunteers! You are critical to our success, growth and our ability to be give back to our community, be good stewards of the land, increase the Honey Bee Population. Grow organic fruit and veggies, contribute to the seed storage program. We are committed to helping our  Veterans/Wounded Warriors, Women In Crisis, Autistic Children and the Art program. All built around therapeutic programs that assist with the management of (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  All taking place on 40 beautiful acres nestled between the White Mountains and the Sitgreves National Forest. Join us in our efforts! All donors will receive a Thank You, letter and a Tax Deductible Receipt. Donor levels will be added very soon.
Join Our Team at Mount Royale Ranch
Are you looking for an exciting opportunity or career at the ranch? At Mount Royale Ranch, one person can make a big impact. We take the smartest and most passionate team-oriented people we can find and put them in an environment where they can thrive, learn and grow. We value our volunteers, interns and donors. They help us sustain our ranch, honey farm and to continue to help our fellow man and nature. Through good old fashioned teamwork, and fun. Please contact us if you are interested in any of the following opportunities

Thanks for your interest in joining our team 
Becoming a Donor

To inquire about openings:
 E-mail your resume to:

Mount Royale Highlands Ranch 
Namaste  Artist Retreat & Creative Center For The Art's

Has formed a creative  partnership with the ranch it will be located at the ranch. 

Learn More About "Namaste Art Retreat & Creative Center For The Art's

Click on the link.


Donation Wish List
(Tools and equipment can be used/recycled/new)

  • Barn or Steel building (Will disassemble and move)
  • 4/ 27'  to 33' RV/Trailer, In Good livable working condition ( To be used as on-site housing for veterans/wounded warriors, military families who visit as our guest. They will be hosted and never charged for their stay)
  • Drip System
  • Water Cistern
  • 4/40' Cargo Containers / Contaminant Free (To be re-purposed in the construction of the gallery and welcome center- 2 artist in resident studios will be located in the gallery/welcome center on the 2nd fl.)
  • We would gladly welcome a donation of 4-6 cargo containers to re-purpose into creative living space for visiting artist and also veterans. The master plan calls for 6.
  • 20 Solar Panels
  • Dry Batteries (18)
  • Inverter
  • Generators to power  housing, power tools and machinery until the solar power system can be installed.
  •  Hand Tools & Power Tools ( Power tools rechargeable battery packs)
  • Gardening & Landscape Tools and Equipment.
  • Recycled/surplus construction materials.
  • Used Tractor with attachments, Back Hoe, Front Loader, Skid Loader, Driller for drilling seed, Brush Hog, Driving Lawn Mower.