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​Queen Bee Keeper & Farmer
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About Mount Royale Highlands Ranch
 Mount Royale Highlands Ranch is family-owned and operated .   We are located  near the White Mountains and the beautiful Sitgreaves National Forest
​We are growing! New and exciting developments are happening! Introducing the "Queen Bee Honey Farm", organic garden, fruit groves, berry patch and grape vines. Add goats and free range chickens and you have a fully functioning organic and sustainable ranch! Our goal is to live a quality of life using the sun as our alternative energy source, yes that's right free energy from the sun. Solar Energy!
We will use recycled timber to build the log home and several log cabins to include a few yurts, Want to go nomad. Living
 off the grid doesn't  mean that you must live uncomfortably or haul your water. If you plan well and use recycled resources,  you can live comfortable and well. One of my goals is to share with anyone who wants to learn more about  

         "How to live a quality life off the grid?"

Contact me, I'd love to hear from you.

Wounded Warriors & Military Families

Once we have cabins ready to go with solar power and all the amenities of home.  We will be working with the VA and Family Services to invite a few of our finest and families to be our guest at our ranch. There is no cost to Vet's or military ever!  Our guest can just relax or take part in the day to day life of the ranch as little or as much as they like. There will also be  activities just for fun or a a few equine friends for riding  trails, hiking or fishing. We can't forget about the Dude & Dudettes!  Smores any one?  We can gather around the camp fire  sing songs, make S’mores, roast hot dogs or do relax.  

Free Bee Keeping Classes As A Business   For Veteran's

No Fee Ever Charged To A Veteran!

 Veteran's interested in learning the art of bee keeping/honey production as a business may sign up for up coming classes. We will teach you everything you need to know about it and how to run it as a business and make a profit. Simply click on our contact page fill in your information and simply let us know your interested in taking the classes. We will contact you to discus the program and sign you up.

Donate Your Trailer To A Homeless Veteran

We at the ranch are dedicated to joining the fight to help homeless  Veterans. We are seeking a donation of (4) trailers. All donations over and above the 4 will be donated to homeless Veteran. These trailers will be utilized to house Veterans at the ranch while they  are taking bee keeping classes and how to run it as a business for profit while helping to increase the "North American Bee Population.  They will also benefit from   the sweet bounty from the bee's. All donors will receive a donation thank you letter and a tax deductible receipt for your taxes.  


It is all for YOU and  It's all about YOU! 

 Because we care and appreciate all that you have done, given and sacrificed for our nation. This is  a private ranch, run by the daughter of a veteran, military brat, former military wife and mother. Once military always military!  Giving back to Americas finest is near and dear to my heart.  We accept private donations that 100% goes toward our expenses for hosting families, Wounded Warriors and Veterans. Namaste & Blessings to all! Simply send donations through PayPal using our email address.

Owner/Founder of  Mount Royale Highlands Ranch. entrepreneur, business owner, Sustainable Energy, Alt. Housing, Horticulture, Queen Bee Keeper, Sales & Marketing, Catering Dir., Executive Dir.  Mother, grand mother and all around ranch hand.