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Queen Bee Honey Farm, is an exciting project that promotes USA honey organically certified, zip code specific honey production which also states the origin of the honey and guarantees that it is not blended with honey from other countries, US states or locations. We will be planting cover crops grown from USDA approved organic seeds, grown on land not treated with pesticides to provide a food source for the bee's at the farm.  Our project will also help to train beekeepers and to increase the population of the USA Honey Bee, which have been on a decline due to the use of pesticides, invasive species and other naturally occurring factors. Once we have established the project we will submit application to go through the process of being (Certified Organic). We will share more about our project and journey as we progress. Click on the project name to to learn more about this project.
Mount Royale Highlands Ranch Project's
At Mount Royale Ranch, we  are committed to working together nationally and internationally to promote sustainable living, organic gardening and housing.  The below projects are a testament to our goals and ranch culture. Below we have listed and provided page links to each project page. Simply click on the project name/link  to learn more about this project.  If you would like to contribute to one of our projects, you may do so through the contact form on this page or by email or phone. Please leave a message, we will promptly return your call with in 24 hours. Our ranch staff are friendly, professional and courteous.
We are committed to recycling and repurposing materials and items that allow us to save the environment and serve mankind. We have chosen to build our first cabins using repurposed "wood pallets" free from contaminants. Our first two projects will be a welcome center/office and a studio cabins.  We will share more about our project and journey as we progress. Click on the project link/name to to learn more about this project.
Liz's Victory Garden, is near and dear to my heart as is my Mom, who is no longer with us. She was an avid gardener.  In particular I was drawn to gardening, it is so rewarding and enjoyable. She shared and passed this gift on to me.  This garden is dedicated to my mother who was as kind as she was generous to all. This project is a labor of love! We are finally planting this year 2019!   Fruit tree's, berry, grape vines, and vegetables are grown from Verified-Non-GMO, Organic Certified seed and rootstock. Our land has never been treated with pesticides. We are working on an application to become a "Certified Organic Farm".  Click on the project link/name to learn more about this project.
Our horse rescue project, is near and dear my and many other's. We are dedicated to the rescue of horses that are sent to auction houses to be bought and slaughtered. To include our Equine friends that are abused, and abandoned. We are able to assist, support, feed, house, train and find loving homes for our much loved friends. Please join us in this worthy cause to alleviate the suffering of helpless animals  that should know only love and kindness.