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Welcome to our events, news and volunteer page. All up comng events will be listed here  along with any classes. If you are interested in a class for beekeeping, organic farming or art. Send your suggestion through the form to the right. We'll see what we can do to make it happen! Thank You! Queenie
Veteran's Only
Bee Keeping As a Business

Classes will be start June 14-17, 2019
Thursday June 14- Arrival,register, meet and greet
Friday      June 15-Classes Start 9a.m.
Sunday    June 17- Classes End  3p.m.
Class itinerary will be posted soon! Sign up space is limited
"Personal Honey Production For Your Home "
This class will take you from A-Z in the "How To Manage And Produce Honey At Home" Each Student will lean how to manage their bee hive and to extract the honey. If you love honey as much as I do,  you, family and friends will be so excited to walk out to your back yard and  capture natures liquid gold.  Interested in this class? Sign Up! Details will be posted soon.
"The Art of Making Goat Cheese"
This is an introductory class in making goat cheese. All ingredients and necessary tools will be provided and everyone will go home with a cake of cheese. Wine tasting , fruit and cheese pairings will close our class. Sign up, we will post the date and time of this event soon.